An oral sex or cunnilingus is one of  the greatest gifts a man could offer to his woman.
To perform a good oral sex  to a woman men could follow these two practical tips.

A. Focus on her happiness

To make sure you can provide the best oral sex to your woman make it a point to focus your sexual activity solely on her. Men could lean towards pleasuring their woman in a fashion that is pleasurable for them. Sex experts said woman likes the long meandering road with lots of stops at the rest areas. Don’t engage in play that is only focused on what you enjoy. Make sure she enjoys it as well. You may love the way her clit hops around when you do a particular technique, but does she? When you hear from the
excitement in her breath or voice that you’re doing something right or wrong follow her cues. Men sometimes get fixated on the clitoris or a particular pattern of stimulation. Make sure you spread that affection around to the thighs, buttocks, labia, legs, etc. Use your hands on other areas of the body while your lips and tongue are busy elsewhere.
B. Be educated in cunnilingus

To perform a superb oral sex on women, men need to fully educate themselves on this sexual technique by watching videos and reading books on the matter. Always remember that the more knowledgeable a man  about the mechanics of the woman the more you can develop your skills. The woman’s sexual response system works a little differently than the mans and it’s crucial that both partners understand this and know how to work together to maximize pleasure instead of inhibiting it. The woman is a complex creature and the enlightened lover has done his homework so that he understands all her special needs and desires, perhaps even better than she does, and excels in fulfilling them. By learning how to perform cunnilingus like a pro you learn not only how to give your woman exquisite sexual pleasure, but you make her feel special, desired and important, which will only increase her sexual desires even more. You’ll be viewed as a skilled and sensitive lover in her eyes and solidify your emotional and physical connections to one another even more. Intense sexual pleasure bonds lovers together on many levels and deepens intimacy. When you’re able to learn how to perform cunnilingus like a pro you enrich and strengthen not only your sexual relationship, but your whole relationship as well.

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Simple Guide To Please Women In Oral Sex

by blog on June 17, 2011

Pleasing women in bed is one of the dreams of every known lover boy in the world today.
Performing an unforgettable oral sex on women or cunnilingus is a desire shared by almost all men.
Sadly not all men have the expertise and skill to do an outstanding performance in making women happy in oral sex.
But such lacking in knowledge and skill is not at all a hindrance to drive women crazy during a cunnilingus session.
These guides will help you make your partner craved every moment of oral sex with you.
A. Observe proper hygiene

BEFORE men can perform an oral sex on women they need to clean themselves up first to provide tingling and climactic feelings to women. Men need to wash their hands properly and trim their nails to ensure women will not feel uncomfortable while during the cunnilingus session. Make should also make sure they are shaved so that your romantic moment together will not be ruined.

B. Bath with her

SHARING  a romantic bath or shower together is also a good way to perform an oral sex with her. The sound of water and your naked bodies together will give both of you an intense arousal for a captivating lovemaking.
C. Find a comfortable position

TO give a 100 percent performance when you perform an oral sex on your partner you need to be comfortable and relax. Such comfort and relaxation could be attained by the use of pillows and the selection of the right position to lick her love hole. Men need to realized that it is just fine to move around and change position while doing this act to ensure a satisfying sex between couples.

D. Explore her body

TO provide tingling and unforgettable sensation on your partner’s body you need to touch and lick other parts of her body other than her clitoris. Aside from licking her clitoris with your tongue you can further ignite her passion by using your finger to spread her lips, labia,  mons, vagina, perineum and anus.

E. Go slow

Most women have sensitive clits so go slow in stimulating it by flatting your tongue and using wide slow strokes to survey  her outer and inner lips, vagina and clitoris. Instead of thinking of her love-hole as a juicy ripe peach you need to imagine that you are licking a very delicious ice cream cone.

F. Focus on the hood

To provide intense sensation on women you need to include when you do her an oral sex the hood of the clitoris, a fold of skin that covers actual glans of the clitoris which is a very sensitive part of female sexual anatomy.
E. Use different strokes

According to studies most women prefer firm pressure and repetitive motion during cunnilingus session. To do this men need to try different strokes in licking circular, side-to-side and up-and-down with the permission of their partner.
Using different strokes in cunnilingus moment will please women since it would take sometime before women determines which type of strokes can provide them  pleasure.

F. Seek assistance from your partner

TO ensure you can provide the sensation being sought by your partner asked her to demonstrate to you how she wants her clitoris to be touched for orgasm and climax. If she do want to demonstrate you can volunteer by placing your hand on her clit and ask her to show you the strokes she prefers during cunnilingus or masturbation sessions.

H. Mouth her pleasure

USE your mouth in providing sensation to her clit, nibble and labia by sucking such sensitive parts of the women’s sexual anatomy.
I.Include some penetration

TO please your woman when you perform some oral sex on her you need to include some penetration at your repertoire. Place some lubricant on your finger or sex toy and insert it to her vagina. Inside her vagina do a moving in and out moment using short but firm strokes. For much better result include the licking of her clitoris when you do the penetration on her.
J.  Keep your pace without let-up

WOMEN hate being interrupted during their moments of climax and orgasm so you need to avoid stopping your oral sex performance unless you really need to stop because you run out of breath.

If you want to give any woman mind-blowing multiple orgasm, try Michael Webb’s Lick by Lick Oral Sex techniques.

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