How To Give Good Oral – Giving Her A Good Head

by blog on March 10, 2011

How to give good oral to her? Well, I know there are many ways to going down on her but the thing is, you need really be good at it or you will bore your partner.

You need to be equipped with the strategies in going down on her because it really helps is satisfying your girl. So, if I were you, learn some effective ways to make her say “OH”. And the first thing you should do is to ask what she likes. You don’t necessarily have to go down on her for several hours – just a few minutes of oral sex can do wonders for your foreplay. Ask her what feels good and if there’s anything that would make it better. Make sure you are both in a comfortable position, or you’ll end up with an unsexy sexual activity.

Other than this, you can also start gently. Many women say that oral sex gives them more stimulation than penetration. So remember to take it easy and avoid being rough, especially to begin with. Look where you are going too. Gently part the outer lips of the vagina and look for the vaginal opening, and the hooded clitoris above it. These are the most pleasurable areas to stimulate, and are the key to giving the best head. Thrusting a tongue in and out of the vagina might feel good for a moment or two, but it won’t be enough to tip her over the edge. Basically, it’s about starting gently. When you do, your woman can get aroused like no other.

And lastly, practice makes perfect. So, if I were you, do the most of what you can give in as much as possible to make things work and improve for the betterment of your performance.

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